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Charles Willimon
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Welcome to My Third Grade Classroom

Thank you for such a rewarding and productive school year!  I consider it the highest honor to have taught such a talented group of students.
As many of you might know, the "summer slide" is a real danger to all of the progress made during the school year.  To avoid the slide, be sure to continue reading every day for at least 30 minutes without interruption.  Get outside, play in the summer weather, and stay hydrated.  The more you play outside, read inside, and minimize "brain-draining" activities like video games and social media, the more prepared you will be for next year!  
See you then!

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:
BA in English from Davidson College, class of 2002
Teacher Licensure from UNC Charlotte
AmeriCorps Education Specialist and School Team Leader (2002-2004)

Educational Philosophy/Vision:
My educational philosophy is to provide an environment in which my students can succeed, and to hold them accountable for their learning.  As teacher, student, and parent, we are a team, and the student's success is our team goal.

What are we doing in class for the month of May/June?

  • Reading: It is the end of the year and we are focusing this month on reviewing all of the standards in Literature and Informational texts that we have learned all year.
  • Writing: We will finish our unit on imaginative narrative for the quarter.
  • Math: We are reviewing all of our standards taught this year in math getting ready for the EOG!


  • Science: Our final unit is on Force and Motion for the year. 
  • Social Studies: We will finish the year studying about economics.

What you can do at home:

  • Encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes each night.
  • Have your child complete their nightly homework which should be turned in by Friday.
  • Ask your child about TQPSA and how it can help with answering questions about reading passages.
  • Ask your child about CUBES and how it can help with answering math word problems.
  • Encourage your child to use MobyMax or Dreambox at home on a tablet or computer. This is a fun way for them to continue their learning at home!

 â€‹May 2: Discovery Education Reading Test (this is an exemption test for summer school)

May 4: Discovery Education Math Test

May 15-17: TRC 3D Reading test (this is an exemption for summer school)



June 1: EOG MATH

June 2: EOG Makeup

June 9: Awards ceremony 11:00 then lunch with student