STEM - Mrs. Bunn

I have enjoyed working at Woodrow Wilson and Jackson Park this year. It has been a big challenge to learn everyone's name. I think I have about 80% accuracy.  

I am a believer that a student will soar when someone encourages them and they find something that interests them.  I want every child to know it is good to struggle but they will succeed if they persevere.  In my classroom, you will see students engaged in activities and trying to figure out answers on their own.  The STEM Lab is a place to make mistakes and learn though inquiry.

I am teaching the STEM Lab every other week at Woodrow Wilson.  While my time there is limited, it will be full of engaging activities.  Students will be completing challenges and lab activities with their table teams or work  partners. 

I have several donors Choose projects online if you would like to donate to a project.  The materials will benefit the students at Woodrow Wilson and Jackson Park.  If you give, you will support two of our KCS schools.  Please check out my page at