Ms. MacClamrock

Welcome to my Pre-K classroom!
My name is Ms. MacClamrock and this is my third year teaching here at Woodrow Wilson. I have been teaching Pre-Kindergarten since I graduated in 2013. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with my bachelors in Child and Family Development with a license to teach Birth through Kindergarten. My vision is for all my students to have an equal opportunity to learn and grow throughout the year in order to prepare them for Kindergarten. Each month we will discuss different topics, work on letter recognition, identify letter sounds, practice handwriting, introduce and practice math skills, and support social and emotional development for each student. 


Shadows and Reflections
Eat, Play, Grow
Dr. Seuss

Letter and Letterland Character:

Dd and Dippy Duck
Hh and Harry Hat Man
Ii and Impy Ink
Ff and Firefighter Fred

Literacy Skills:
Identify upper and lowercase letters
Identify letter sounds
Practice action tricks
Introduce parts of a book
Identify beginning sounds
Identify rhyming words

Math Skills:
Rote Counting
Counting objects using 1:1 correspondence
Shapes and Attributes
Measuring Objects

Social Skills:
Interacting with peers
Using successful strategies when entering a group
Sharing materials
Taking turns
Begin solving social problems 

Gross Motor Skills:

Safely navigate the classroom, playground, and school
Use bikes, balls, and other playground materials

Fine Motor Skills:

How to properly hold writing tools
How to properly hold and use scissors
Writing names independently and using name cards

Important Dates in February, March, and April:

February 16: Early Release Day at 11:35
February 19: Make up Day for Students
February 20: Parent-Teacher Conferences-
No School for Students 
February 21: Parent-Teacher Conferences-
No School for Students 
March 16: Early Release Day at 11:35
March 30-April 6: Spring Break
April 9: Students return from Spring Break