Ms. MacClamrock

Welcome to my Pre-K classroom!
My name is Ms. MacClamrock and this is my second year teaching here at Woodrow Wilson. I have been teaching Pre-K for a total of four years. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with my bachelors in Child and Family Development with a license to teach Birth through Kindergarten. My vision is for all my students to have an equal opportunity to learn and grow throughout the year in order to prepare them for Kindergarten. Each month we will discuss different topics, work on letter recognition, identify letter sounds, practice handwriting, introduce and practice math skills, and support social and emotional development for each student. 

Themes of the Month:

Dinosaurs, Plants, Flowers, Bugs, and Insects

Letter and Letterland Character:

Cc and Clever Cat
Hh and Harry Man
Ss and Sammy Snake
Yy and Yellow Yo Yo Man

Literacy Skills:
Identify upper and lowercase letters
Letter sounds
Beginning sounds
Recognizing words that rhyme
Parts of a book

Math Skills:
Rote Counting
Counting objects using 1:1 correspondence
Shapes and Attributes
AB Patterns
ABC Patterns
More and Less

Social Skills:
Interacting with peers
Using successful strategies when entering a group
How to solve social problems
Sharing materials
Taking turns 

Important Dates in May and June:

May 29: No School: Memorial Day
May 30: Parent-Teacher Conferences
May 31: Parent-Teacher Conferences 
June 6: End of Year Ceremony
June 9: Last Day of School!