Ms. Carr

      Welcome  Spring!

      We begin the last quarter of our school year very busy. 

      We have been working on Frog and Toad  finding the Central Message and Author purpose.  We are continuing our daily practice on writing sentences correctly.

      In Math we are working on Addition and Subtraction Story Problems. We are also continuing working on Math Facts and adding 3 numbers. Please continue to work with your child on his/her math facts. The more practice they get the better they become. 

      In Science we will be learning about Rocks and Soil. Also we will celebrate Earth Day and learn ways to keep the earth clean for future generations. 

      We will discover the Rain forest and the animals that live there. We will do a research project on earthworms. This will be our final writing project for the year. 

      In Science we will discover the world of Butterfly's, Moths and Earthworms. The life cycle and the dangers that they need to survive. 

      We are continuing our computer programs,  Lexia, Dreambox and EPIC.  The students use these in our classroom during centers and in the morning as an addition to their morning work. 

      Have your child read to you and then you may sign and return to get another book. Any books you read may be added to list.  

      Continue to check  DOJO daily on your childs behavior and for any notes that I may need to send.

      We have lunch at 12:30 - 1:00 . Please feel free to come and eat with your child. Just check in at the office and get a visitor badge and meet us in the Eagles Nest.

      Just a reminder the bell rings at 8:45. if you come in after that you will need to come in and go by the office to get a tardy slip for your child. Dismissal is at 3:40. You will not be able to pick up your child after 2:45.  It is very important that your child come to school everyday, be on time, and stay all day. 

    We have lunch at 12:35 - 1:05 . Please feel free to come and eat with your child. Just check in at the office and get a visitor badge and meet us in the Eagles Nest.

    Below are learning websites for kids that are fun, educational, and safe  for your child to visit and explore!

    Switcheroo Zoo
        Watch, listen, and play games to learn all about amazing animals!

    Nat Geo for Kids
        Learn all about geography and fascinating animals.

    Fun Brain
        Play games while practicing math and reading skills.

    PBS Kids
        Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning!

Times to remember-
8:15 Student arrival begins
8:45 Tardy Bell rings
12:35-1:05 Lunch

Connect Schedule
Monday – 11:40-12:30- Guidance

Tuesday-10:50-11:40 (Week 1) –STEM- (Week 2) - Technology

Wednesday- 10:50-11:40- Art

Thursday- 10:50-11:40- PE

                     11:40-12:30- Lexia Lab

Friday- 10:50-11:40-(Week 1) - Media (Week 2) – Technology

1:50-2:20 Recess

3:40 Dismissal