Ms. Carr
        Important Times
        8:15 Student arrival begins
        8:45 Tardy Bell rings
        12:35-1:05 Lunch
        3:40 Dismissal

        ‚ÄčEncore Schedule
        Tuesday-STEM (Week 1) Music( Week 2)
        Wednesday Art
        Thursday PE / Lexia Lab
        Friday Media (week 1) Technology (week 2)



        Students will understand that…

        • Readers ask and answer questions about text to help understand it better (Questioning).

        • Readers can show, and even increase, understanding of a story and the central message or lesson by retelling it with key details.

        • Author use key details to help the reader “see” characters, settings, illustrations and major events in a story. (Visualizing)

        • Authors use facts to support the topic in their informative writings.

        • Good conversation includes listening respectfully and taking turns speaking.


        • Writing

        Students will understand that…

        • Informative writing teaches others
        • Informative writing is structured.

        • Collaborating and revising are part of the writing process.


        Students will understand that…

        • The same quantity can be represented in multiple forms.

        • It is important to say and write numerals accurately when communicating about math.

        • Adding and subtracting are processes in which groups are joined and separated.

        • There are different ways to solve a problem correctly.

        • Using what you know about numbers can help you solve problems more quickly.


        Students will understand that

        • What we observe in the sky from earth may appear as something different than what really is happening

        • There are patterns in the movement/changes of objects in the sky.


        Social Studies

        Students will understand that…

        • People’s lives are shaped by different values and traditions.

        • Respecting others is a way to show appreciation for diversity

        • Literature often illustrates values and beliefs of diverse cultures.

        • Exposure to other cultures through literature can promote cultural awareness and tolerance

        • Changes occur in a community over time due to economic, political, cultural, or environmental factors.

        • Changes in neighborhoods and communities can reflect historical events.

        • National holidays are often celebrated to honor people and events significant to a people’s culture and/or history.

        Below are learning websites for kids that are fun, educational, and safe  for your child to visit and explore!

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            Watch, listen, and play games to learn all about amazing animals!

        Nat Geo for Kids
            Learn all about geography and fascinating animals.

        Fun Brain
            Play games while practicing math and reading skills.

        PBS Kids
            Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning!